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Laser welding miller Artikel-Nr.: 631.900.000
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Technical data
AntriebCompressed air-milling spindle
Luftdruck6 bar
Leerlaufdrehzahl35,000 U/min
Geräuschpegel72 db (A)
Luftverbrauch450 nl/min
Leistung280 W
Gewicht2.6 kg
Laser welding miller

The laser welding miller opens laser welded seams in bodywork quickly and without risk of injury to the user.

The tool works with compressed air drive. The special feature of the patented system is the precise guidance of the ball cutter. The exchangeable oval shaped base plate allows the milling machine to be guided along edges or into hard to access corners with little effort. Even set back laser welded seams can be reached easily with it.

A fine thread allows the depth to which the milling tool removes material to be set to within a tenth of a millimeter. This precise milling avoids material weakening and damage to paint, disadvantages of using angle grinders.


  • Compressed air driven spindle -clockwise operation with compressed air hose (1.5 m)
  • 2 hard metal ball cutters (Shaft 6 mm)
  • 1 oval shaped base plate
  • 1 exchangeable makrolon shavings protection plate
  • 2 socket wrenches for changing the ball cutter
  • In plastic case